Microbial control solutions

Although a growing number of consumers today embrace alternatives to animal-based foods, demand for more traditional meat, poultry, and seafood products remains strong. The future continues to look bright for processors who can deliver products that remain safe, fresh, and delicious well past the point of sale, and do it on consumers' terms. Pathogen control and spoilage inhibition are indispensable keys to success.

Animal protein products are highly susceptible to microbiological contamination, including food-borne pathogens and spoilage organisms. The optimal preservation solution must create an environment that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as Listeria monocytogenes, Clostridium botulinum, and Salmonella, without compromising important aspects of product quality and performance, such as flavor, texture, and cook yield. To achieve the safety and shelf life you need, choose an ingredient partner with expertise in preservation and a deep knowledge of food science.


Delivering the value you need

Corbion has been an innovative force in meat preservation and food safety for 90 years. But effective pathogen control is just our starting point. Our experts can help you deliver all the attributes essential to quality and product performance across a wide variety of protein applications, including:

  • Formulations that enable consumer-friendly labeling.

  • Taste and texture enhancement.

  • Shelf life extension and sodium reduction without flavor impacts.

  • Improved processing efficiencies.

  • Preservation solutions for higher-moisture formulations.

  • Product purge control.

  • Predictive modeling to streamline new product development.

Our dedication to ongoing R&D has helped advance the state of food preservation and safety technology industry-wide. With Corbion's expertise on your team, you'll have confidence that your products are safe, and your customers will experience the color, taste, and texture of freshness.


Our broad portfolio means flexibility for you

Corbion's portfolio of preservation solutions provides a wide array of options, so we can meet your specific needs in terms of processing, labeling, and formulation. We offer:

  • Naturally derived ferments.

  • Buffered vinegar solutions in powder and liquid formats.

  • Functional blend solutions.

  • Sodium reduction options.


Providing leadership and hands-on support

As a leader in preservation, we share our expertise within the industry through professional forums and publications. Most importantly, we bring it into the collaborative partnerships we forge with customers. It shapes the solutions we offer as well as the creative concepts we develop together. And we take our manufacturing experience and technical know-how right to your production floor, troubleshooting alongside you when help is needed.

Microbial control solutions

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