Label-friendly solutions for refrigerated foods

Consumers are increasingly focused on ingredient labels when shopping for refrigerated foods. They want to spend their money on products made from ingredients they understand – ingredients they perceive as familiar and natural – when looking for a quick, convenient, and easy-to-prepare meal.

Achieving simple formulations and consumer-friendly labelling can be challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining the specific sensory attributes consumers associate with your brand. But the ingredient experts at Corbion understand precisely how our portfolio of label-friendly solutions interact with other components in a food matrix. With their help, you can deliver the tasty, high-quality food products your customers love and expect without relying on artificial additives.

Our Verdad® portfolio of vinegar-based and fermented ingredients is highly versatile and comes with a proven, science-backed track record of efficacy in meat, poultry, and a variety of refrigerated food products. Verdad ingredients are bio-based and produced by leveraging mechanisms and processes provided by nature; they deliver many of the benefits of fermentation, such as spoilage and pathogen control, and even enhanced taste and texture.

Consumers aren't shy about adding to the long list of things they expect from your products; these days, in addition to safety, convenience, quality, and deliciousness, that list includes simpler, understandable ingredients purchasers are comfortable with. Corbion has developed the solutions and the know-how you need to deliver it all.

Take the first step toward your next label-friendly offering by talking to a member of our expert team about the Verdad® portfolio. You'll learn how we can help you create the refrigerated food product your customers have been waiting for.

Label-friendly solutions for refrigerated foods

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