Flavor enhancement in refrigerated foods

Oftentimes the world's best problem-solvers find the keys they're looking for in nature. Corbion, for instance, has learned to leverage mechanisms and processes found in nature to create biobased solutions that improve the flavor of your refrigerated food products. Our lactic acid-based flavor enhancement ingredients allow you to take excessively sour-tasting acids such as vinegar out of your formulations and replace them with a flavor boost that strikes just the right note.

Find out more about our flavor enhancement alternatives for refrigerated foods. These acids have a subtler impact on taste, unlike the often intensely sour effect of their vinegar counterparts, and so they won't overwhelm your customer's palate.

PuraQ® Arome, for example, is a lactic acid-based solution formulated to heighten the flavor refrigerated foods. PURASAL® HiPure P Plus offers another approach: This neutral-tasting potassium lactate enhances flavor notes like bacon, tomatoes, green herbs, and cheese in savory applications. It can also mask the sourness caused by acetate or vinegar.

For an alternative to extremely low pH acids that will improve the sensory experience your product delivers, without any sour taste, explore Corbion's portfolio of biobased, organic lactic acids.

Get in touch with our experts and learn more about our better solutions for creating the savory flavors you want.

Flavor enhancement in refrigerated foods

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