Acrylamide reduction in snacks

Manufacturers who want to achieve significant acrylamide reduction in the savory snacks they produce without losing all-important crispiness in those products can reach that goal by partnering with Corbion. 

Acrylamide is a byproduct of the Maillard reaction between asparagine (amino acid) and reducing sugars during high temperature treatment. Believed to be carcinogenic, it is often found in starchy products that are typically fried or baked, like potato chips. Because the production of acrylamide has been so closely linked with achieving crispiness in savory snacks, acrylamide reduction has been an ongoing challenge for many snack manufacturers.

Corbion’s effective, biobased ingredient solutions, however, makes it possible to reduce acrylamide without compromising product texture.


Biobased innovation

Our PURACAL® calcium lactate salts reduce acrylamide levels by up to 80 percent, making your snack product more attractive to health-conscious consumers. 

PURACAL® works by providing calcium that interacts with asparagine, creating a complex that limits the amount of asparagine available to produce acrylamide, essentially curtailing the Maillard reaction.


Enhancing texture 

This unique lactic acid-based ingredient also contributes to improving texture by interacting with the pectin inside cell walls – so fried snacks retain their crunchy, snappable quality, as well as the golden color your customers love. When used in the blanching step, PURACAL® restores any firmness lost during this process. 

In addition to being cost-effective, non-GMO, non-corrosive, and easy to apply to existing systems, PURACAL supplies calcium to cell walls, improving color and reducing brown spotting – a common issue that occurs in some varieties of potato – without taking away from other sensory attributes. 


Creating healthier, more appealing snacks

Make sure your snack products have plenty of snap without risking acrylamide build-up by partnering with Corbion for acrylamide reduction solutions. Get in touch with one of our experts to find out more.

Acrylamide reduction in snacks

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