Flavor enhancement in savory snacks

Consumers have always craved savory snacks that offer enticing flavor profiles, but today, many of them require that those products be made with simpler, more natural, and familiar ingredients. Understanding that label-friendliness is not a short-term trend but a longer-term movement, Corbion has developed flavor enhancement ingredients that help the makers of savory snacks achieve tantalizing taste profiles without creating an intimidating ingredient list.


A natural flavor fit

Corbion's portfolio of lactic acid-based solutions brings out the best of your snacks' flavors by leveraging the benefits of natural fermentation processes. The mild sourness provided by PURAC® and PURAC® Powder products enhances savory flavors like cheese and meat, while sweetening tomato flavors and enhancing spiciness. Even in reduced-sodium applications, Corbion can help give your customers a tempting taste experience.

Because lactic acid is produced through the fermentation of sugar, our solutions offer biobased, healthier alternatives to chemical additives. By reducing the need for using other flavoring ingredients such as cheese powder, Corbion products can help manufacturers realize cost savings of up to 5 percent.


Unlocking umami

Our PuraQ Arome ingredients provide another set of flavor-enhancing tools. These natural flavors, produced by the fermentation of specifically selected food cultures and natural substrates, serve as ideal building blocks for savory snacks. Imparting both spicy and salty notes, they can play an invaluable role in helping you achieve the flavor balance you have in mind.

Finally, our extensive Verdad® portfolio of multifunctional, label-friendly ingredient solutions, also based on fermentation, includes components that can help accentuate savory notes such as tomato, spices, and herbs.

Let us help you give your snacks the irresistible savory notes and consumer-friendly labelling that will keep your customers coming back for more. Get in touch and speak to our experts.

Flavor enhancement in savory snacks

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