Social value assessment

Measuring social impact.

To make a positive impact on people, we need to understand the social impact of business activities throughout our supply chain and how they affect our stakeholders.

In 2017, Corbion joined the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics. The roundtable, organized and facilitated by PRé Sustainability, consists of member companies. Its mission is to:

"Be the leading, cross-sector initiative to give guidance on how to measure social impacts of products and services, in a way that is recognized for its high quality, credibility, and business viability. The purpose is to improve the lives of workers, users, and local communities by better insights that enables more balanced decision making."

As of 2021, the Roundtable transitioned to a partnership.

Together with the other members, Corbion helped develop a methodology for measuring social impacts. In 2019, Corbion conducted a case study to understand the impacts of our safety and extended shelf-life solutions. The findings helped inform the most recent iteration of the Roundtable's handbook. The Handbook provides the framework, an overview of data collection tools, and a scoring approach to assess social impacts. Corbion also contributed to three more companion publications that expand upon information in the handbook (Social Topics Report, Methodology Report, and Implementation Guide).

Corbion's Advance 2025 strategy introduced a new target to assess the social impact of our products. By 2025, we strive to have 50% of our products contributing to preserving food and/or preserving health covered by a Product Social Impact Assessment and by 2030 100% of these products should be assessed. To achieve this target, a portfolio approach based upon the Roundtable's methodology is being utilized to systematically and comprehensively assess the social impacts of our products.

Read more about the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics here.

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