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Preserving food and food production

Clear objectives, clear plan

Reducing food waste throughout the supply chain and in the home is essential to achieving zero hunger throughout the world, as well as having a direct impact on CO2 emissions.


At Corbion, this takes three forms:

Preserving food safety, shelf life, texture, and nutritional benefits with food solutions

For example, over 20% of the meat produced annually is lost or wasted. Corbion's solutions for processed meat extend shelf life and keep food safer, which can help cut waste. Reducing global meat waste by 25% would prevent 170 million tons of CO2 emissions – the equivalent of taking 33 million cars off the road.


Preserving ecosystems by offering alternative aquaculture feed to prevent overfishing

Global fish stocks are at risk due to the rapid expansion of aquaculture and the demand it generates for fishmeal and fish oil. Corbion's AlgaPrime™ DHA can help reduce depletion of small marine fish. On a DHA basis, one metric ton of AlgaPrime™ DHA is equivalent to 40 tons of wild-caught fish from our oceans.


Preserving natural resources by partnering with our suppliers to promote sustainable agriculture.

We know that meaningful change can only be achieved when we work together. And so, all over the world, we seek partnerships with organizations that share our determination to improve sustainability in agriculture. They include Field to Market, RSPO, and Bonsucro as well as our suppliers and additional initiatives in the sectors we serve.

By preserving food and food production, Corbion is leading the way in both developing and sharing sustainable growing practices. Read our story.

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