Green chemistry solutions with chemical alternatives

Chemicals safety is a critical issue as chemicals during the use phase might have potential impacts on human health or the environment.

Corbion's biochemicals offer safer alternatives for chemicals of concern

To make our chemicals-safety performance more transparent and demonstrate the low-hazard profile of our portfolio, we monitor three KPIs: (1) The number of REACH Candidate List chemicals produced, (2) the number of REACH Authorization List chemicals produced, and (3) the number of SIN list chemicals produced. Currently none of Corbion's products is included in any of the above lists and it is a priority to maintain this. All Corbion products that are within the scope of REACH have been registered accordingly.

The REACH Regulation is the EU standard for the use of chemical substances. It identifies substances of very high concern (SVHC) to provide a roadmap for progressive substitution when suitable alternatives have been identified.

The SIN (Substitute It Now) List, developed and maintained by non-profit ChemSec, is a list of hazardous chemicals that, according to ChemSec, should be removed as soon as possible as they pose a threat to human health and the environment. It uses the same SVHC criteria as the REACH Regulation, but applies them without the political lens. They do this in such a way that they say that "following the SIN List not only means your products are safer, it also gives you the extra benefit of always being REACH compliant – now and in the future".

For do the development of new products, we not only apply strict cut-off criteria (SVHC criteria), we also adhere to the 12 principles of Green Chemistry to achieve safer, less hazardous, more efficient products while producing less waste. With this strategy we aim to meet our promise to preserve what matters, and to minimize risks related to regulatory measures, workers' health, consumer exposure, and potential accidents and spills.

We preserve what matters

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