Home care, institutional & industrial cleaning

Since the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers of home care and industrial and institutional cleaners have been perhaps more keenly aware than ever of the importance of their products to the world.

Disinfection is top of mind for consumers everywhere, and yet that priority is balanced by concerns about toxicity and the health of the planet.

In their efforts to respond to consumer demand, many formulators are focused on reducing or avoiding use of quaternary ammonium compounds (a.k.a. “quats”) or triclosan, which have been associated with negative health effects.

Instead, they are looking for viable, biobased alternatives that offer both strength, in terms of antimicrobial activity, and gentleness, in terms of their effect on human health and the environment.

Corbion leverages its expertise in fermentation-based lactic acid production, as well as its application capabilities, to provide the industry with more natural solutions for disinfecting, descaling, solvents, and buffering applications. These solutions are particularly effective when used in combination with surfactants, alcohols, chelating agents, or preservatives.

Home care, institutional & industrial cleaning

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