Animal feed additives

Corbion’s portfolio of animal feed additives helps improve nutrition, health and performance in production animals and aquaculture using safe, naturally derived ingredients.

All of our solutions are based on lactic acid, a substance found throughout nature, which we manufacture through sugar fermentation.

High quality meat and milk

Incorporating Corbion's natural animal feed additives in your product can help produce higher quality meat and milk, as well as better animal performance metrics.

Easy to incorporate into liquid, powdered, and pellet feed, our animal nutrition ingredients, including lactic acid, calcium lactate, and lactylates, enable you to stay ahead of regulatory change, reduce antibiotic use, and help animals fight diseases. They can also help improve your organization's sustainability performance in multiple ways.

Incorporating Corbion’s natural animal feed additives in your product can help produce higher quality meat and milk, as well as better animal performance metrics.


The case for lactic acid

  • A natural ingredient already present in animals

  • Mild flavor easily accepted by animals

  • Enhanced antimicrobial action effectively against diseases

  • High L(+) content (in the natural form)

  • Suitable for all animals


Lactic acid, calcium lactate, and lactylates for swine health

Our lactic acid, calcium lactate, and lactylates contribute to improving health in a variety of species. In pigs, lactic acid helps piglets cope with weaning stress and maintain feed intake to support optimal health and performance. Our LAFEED® and CALFEED® animal nutrition ingredients contribute to keeping feed intake consistent.

ALOAPUR®, which contains lactylates, esters of lactic acid, and carefully selected medium-chain fatty acids, is a natural, safe, and effective biobased livestock feed additive that helps improve animal gut health. It's suitable for incorporation into livestock premix feed and compound feed.

Learn more about our ingredients for supporting pig health.


Lactic acid, calcium lactate, and lactylates for poultry health

Poultry feed solutions

Our LAFEED® and CALFEED® animal feed additives offer a variety of functionalities such as increasing digestion efficiency and reducing the incidence of cracked and broken eggs. Our ALOAPUR® lactylates help broilers cope with suboptimal conditions, enabling better growth performance. And our drinking water-grade lactic acid, PURAC 80 DW, helps increase food safety in poultry products.


Omega-3 fatty acids and calcium for aquaculture

Ingredient solutions for aquaculture

Corbion is the world's leading producer of algal DHA. Our AlgaPrime™ DHA is a quality source of omega-3 fatty acids that is far more sustainable as an animal nutrition ingredient than fish oil and is suitable for aquaculture and other animal feed applications.

We also offer calcium lactate for aiding the formation of the exoskeleton and boosting performance in shrimps and fish. Both species can absorb calcium directly from surrounding water via their gills and body surface, and because calcium lactate is highly soluble, it can be applied either as an animal feed additive or via the water.

Discover more about CALFEED®, Corbion’s soluble, bioavailable calcium source. Download the brochure.


Other species

Corbion's CALFEED® calcium lactate helps prevent mastitis and hypocalcemia in dairy cows. And our lactic acid-based portfolio is also applicable for other species such as rabbits.


Pet nutrition

We offer a number of ingredient solutions for enhancing nutrition in companion animal feed products. Find out more by visiting our pet food [solutions / market] page(s).


Animal hygiene 

We also offer PURAC® Sanilac, as an antimicrobial agent ingredient that can be used in disinfectant solutions for veterinary environments. Our effective sanitizing ingredient has been proven to be particularly effective against gram-positive bacteria and many enveloped viruses, while being safe and non-toxic for both animals and humans. Learn more about this solution in here.

Animal health and nutrition

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