Flexible solutions for diverse industries

Corbion's expertise and leadership in lactic acid and its derivatives deliver value in very different industries and applications. Our renewable, fermentation-based solutions are highly versatile, providing a more sustainable way for manufacturers to get the critical functionalities they need to meet the demands of global markets.


Corbion's range of biobased solvents helps chemical manufacturers in a range of industries – from agrochemicals, electronics, household and industrial cleaning to personal care - create highly effective formulations. Our PURASOLV® lactate esters offer excellent solvency, enabling formulators to develop high-performance products that are safe and compliant.



Antimicrobial efficacy

Our lactic acid ingredients provide application-critical antimicrobial activity, and are sustainably produced using natural processes and renewable resources. For household and industrial cleaning products, detergents, and human hygiene applications, as well as veterinary applications, our PURAC® Sanilac offers a safe, yet potent, disinfecting alternative to traditional biocides. It is non-toxic for both humans and the ecosystems around us.




The power of lactates is harnessed in Corbion's biobased moisturizing ingredients to help optimize the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), which is nature's way of keeping skin protected and well-hydrated.



Pharma utility

Our pharma-grade natural L (+) lactic acid (and derivatives like PURASAL S/PF sodium lactates) are ideal active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for parenteral applications, including intravenous preparations (IV) and dialysis

We also offer a family of natural, biobased minerals and electrolytes to deliver important nutrients across a wide range of nutraceutical supplements, and to enhance clinical and medical nutrition. 


Biochemical specialties

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