Lactic acid additives for chemicals used in manufacturing

With our 100 years of experience in application development and industrial scale lactic acid production, you're in safe hands.

Dedicated to safe, more sustainable alternatives

We are a leading lactic acid manufacturer, serving the leather, textile, coatings, adhesives, and oil industries, among many more.

Corbion is dedicated to the creation of safer, more sustainable alternatives to the traditional chemicals that are derived from fossil fuels. And importantly, which don't compromise on performance.

Our commitment to furthering R&D in these fields means we are continually improving our products and processes to offer best-in-class lactic acid additives for your applications. Plus, we create our high-quality lactic acid and derivatives via a biochemical fermentation process, ensuring that our solutions are also biobased, safer, and more environmentally friendly too.


Versatility, multifunctionality, safety, sustainability

All of our products are versatile, meaning you have access to safe and high-performance solutions in the most cost-effective way. And if precisely the right solution doesn't exist today, we can develop it with you.

As a reliable partner, we understand the challenges you face and will work with you side-by-side to overcome them. That is why we continually open and invest in innovation and application centers: to provide you with customized solutions that translate to better results across the biochemical industry.

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