Improve animal gut health and performance with ALOAPUR®​ LQ 

With restrictions on the use of antibiotics in livestock production being enacted across the globe - as incidences of antibiotic resistance grow - it’s never been more important to embrace alternative methods of suppressing pathogenic bacteria in farm animals. Could the answer lie in lactylates for animal complementary feed?

Plus, with zinc oxide now also facing worldwide bans due its negative environmental impact, the time is right to explore new approaches – especially as the demand for meat increases, and consumer awareness of animal welfare is heightened. How can the health of livestock be improved effectively and sustainably?

Improved, multifunctional animal complementary feed enables the industry to achieve this balance.



Introducing ALOAPUR® LQ

ALOAPUR® LQ is Corbion’s latest animal complementary feed for swine, poultry and other young ruminants. Based on lactylates, ALOAPUR® LQ leverages all our expertise in biobased animal health ingredients in an innovative drinking water application.

Created as a unique blend, ALOAPUR® LQ contains a high concentrate (60%) of lactylates for animal health, or esters of lactic acid, and carefully selected medium-chain fatty acids. It remains stable and pourable even at temperatures as low as 1 C ̊.




Healthier livestock

In in-vitro studies, ALOAPUR® LQ has proven to be an effective animal complementary feed against pathogens – particularly Gram+ pathogens such as S. suis and Clostridium perfringens - significantly reducing the use of traditional antibiotics like amoxicillin.  

Plus, ALOAPUR® LQ promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the animal’s gut, while also controlling the development of harmful bacteria. This ensures that the gastrointestinal tract (‘GIT’) remains functional and benefits animal performance such as growth, yield, as well as meat and egg quality.  

By contributing to enhanced animal performance and gut health, ALOAPUR® LQ can reduce mortality rates while also helping to reduce reliance on antibiotics and zinc oxide.



Why drinking water?  

By being created specifically for drinking water applications, ALOAPUR® LQ has numerous benefits:

  • ALOAPUR® LQ reaches sick animals that stop eating but continue to drink
  • It is particularly helpful for piglets under stress after weaning that also find it hard to eat but still drink water
  • Selective dosing is easier – the solution can be added directly in pens where it’s needed most, in selected farms or across specific periods of time – enabling a rapid response to animal needs



An innovation leader  

Corbion’s strong technological know-how and expertise in microbiology and chemistry mean we’re the perfect partner for your animal feed needs. Together with your application knowledge, we can work together to produce healthier livestock, boost animal production efficiency and ensure cost-effectiveness throughout the supply chain.  

Want to learn more about ALOAPUR® LQ and Corbion’s animal feed innovations? Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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