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Corbion may be best known in the baking industry for its range of emulsifiers, but our expertise and leadership in food emulsifiers extends much farther. In processed foods such as baked goods, dairy products, chilled foods, candy and beverages, emulsifiers help preserve textures, taste and more. They are often responsible for the perfect cake crumble or the gloss and snap of chocolate. 

Corbion’s multifunctional emulsifiers offer additional benefits that include:

  • Starch complexing – Our monoglycerides and lactylates can help form water-insoluble complexes to delay the recrystallization of starch and, in turn, prevent staling in bakery products.
  • Protein interaction – Emulsifiers such as lactylates can interact with the protein in yeast-raised baked goods, reinforcing gluten structure and improving gas retention. For sauces and non-dairy creamers, they also improve mouthfeel and increase stability.
  • Aeration and stabilization – For aerated products like cake batters and imitation creams that are oil-in-water emulsions, emulsifiers help to maintain and strengthen the air cell network. 
  • Crystal modification – In chocolate and other confectionery products, emulsifiers can be used to retain crystal form and maintain the desired gloss and snap. In caramels, they can also help retain the perfect chew and extend shelf life.
  • Lubrication and processing aids – From pasta to breakfast cereals and pet foods, our mono- and diglycerides can facilitate product release from packaging or equipment. They can also improve chewing properties and prevent stickiness in fruit leathers or gums.


How can emulsifiers benefit your product? 


Controlling or delaying crumb staling is important in the bakery market, so products maintain freshness on the shelf longer. Corbion’s emulsifiers, like those in our BFP® portfolio, can be used in bread, cookies, cakes, batters and other applications to achieve anti-staling, crumb softening, dough strengthening, texture improvement and better fat dispersion. 

To reduce saturated fat without sacrificing taste or functionality in products like donuts and Danishes, our Trancendim® lipid structuring system allows you to use healthier oils in baking. And if you’re looking to protect the quality of sweet goods so your customers get a delicious experience every time, our SweetProTM is the emulsifier of choice. It enhances tolerance, handling, and storage stability, so you can deliver the high-quality products consumers are looking for.



Our emulsification solutions offer versatility, serving as stabilizers, clouding agents, color enhancers and/or flavor dispersants in a wide range of beverage types, from cream liqueurs to sports drinks. Whether you’re producing a protein shake or a nutritional booster, we can help ensure it retains its quality longer.



Corbion’s emulsifier range addresses key attributes of candy quality by helping to prevent unwanted stickiness, improve product stability, and enhance mouthfeel. To reduce oil migration in confectionery fillings, avoid stickiness in chewing gum, or even improve the texture of syrups, find out about the benefits provided by our BFP® range.


Dairy and non-dairy products

Our dairy and non-dairy emulsification offering is extensive, providing essential functionality in coffee whiteners, ice cream and soft serve, whipped toppings, puddings and more. These solutions help with fat dispersion, stability (frozen and thawed), texture and water-holding capacity. Our Alphadim® and BFP® solutions can also improve mouthfeel and help with aeration.


Pet foods

Emulsifiers can also preserve moisture and softness in pet foods. Our BFP® line aids extrusion and prevents fat separation, which helps maintain flavor and texture. Meanwhile, for shelf-life extension, our Certeza® range can be trusted to enhance mold control and safety in dry pet foods and treats - for longer.


Processed foods 

The breadth of our emulsifier range also provides advantage in meeting manufacturers’ needs in the diverse processed foods category, where it helps achieve important quality attributes in breakfast cereals, margarines, peanut butter and sauces. Ingredients in our Starplex® range can be used to reduce adhesion to equipment during processing, as well as to improve crispness in cereals. 

For better mouthfeel and process tolerance in margarines, the Alphadim® portfolio provides proven, trusted solutions. Ingredients in the Trancendim® range, however, are perfect for fat crystal modification solution in peanut butter applications.


Working with Corbion 

The benefits of working with Corbion go far beyond having access to high-quality emulsifiers. We’re big-picture thinkers who continue to invest in R&D to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest emulsification technologies. 

Our commitment to knowledge growth is the driving force behind our industry-leading solutions, which combine functional benefits that ensure product quality as well as efficient, consistent processing. We are also equipped to provide custom-blended emulsification solutions, precisely tailored to your specific needs. 

As a global leader in emulsification technologies, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices in material sourcing. As members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2005, we have actively contributed to the adoption of these principles as a worldwide norm. As of 2020, all our products containing palm oil and its derivatives are RSPO Mass Balanced Certified. 

To learn more about our emulsifier expertise and offerings, get in touch with us today. Or read more about our solutions here:

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