Trancendim emulsifiers

Lower the saturated fat. Raise the nutrition bar.

Get your products in tiptop shape with Trancendim® emulsifiers.

There are strong emulsifiers. And then there’s the Trancendim® line of emulsifiers. 

Trancendim® is a lipid structuring system that lets you use healthier oils to reduce saturated fat without sacrificing taste or functionality. The result is more nutritious products with cleaner labels that appeal to today’s health-conscious consumers.

Trancendim is ideal for products that typically contain high amounts of saturated fats, such as donuts, Danish, snack cakes, and other baked goods. It can also be used to reduce sticking and tearing in tortilla applications, reduce waxy mouthfeel in popcorn, and provide a cleaner and more consistent flavor in frying applications. 

*For a complete list of applications, download our Trancendim Brochure below. 

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