Hydrated monoglycerides

GMS is ready when you are

When a powdered monoglyceride isn't fast enough, step-up to a hydrated monoglyceride to deliver the power of a powder, in a fraction of the time. GMS is a pre-hydrated monoglyceride in the form of a readily dispersible paste. Simply add it to your process and let it go to work.

The GMS product line is ideal for the no-time dough process. It provides the same functionality as a powdered monoglyceride without the need for a time consuming sponge stage. With this hydrated emulsifier in the mix, it’s easier than ever to bake yeast-raised breads and rolls that consistently offer the taste and texture consumers crave.

Double the options. Double the strength.

To best meet your needs, we offer both GMS single and double strength. The difference? GMS single strength provides a 21% minimum monoglyceride content while the double strength version offers 38.5% monoglyceride. 

Short mixing time? Quick solution.

GMS products utilize a hydration process that creates a monoglyceride with a higher surface area than powdered versions. It’s a great approach for applications with short mixing times, speeding the way to success with everything from bread and cakes to pasta and rice noodles. 

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