Starplex distilled monoglycerides

Starplex® disperses benefits

Starplex distilled monoglycerides are engineered to provide the fastest acting powdered distilled monoglyceride on the market. It is designed to maintain the quality of your product while maximizing your manufacturing throughput.

The Starplex line of emulsifiers is known for its ability to flow. Our non-PHO versions, Starplex 590 and Starplex 590 F, retain that ease of handling and deliver the same functionality and quality of their PHO counterparts. 

Starplex is easy to dispense and easier to disperse, making it more effective at interacting with starch at the temperatures associated with your baking process. This improves machinability and dough handling, adding robustness to every step in your process, resulting in baked goods that are soft, tasty, and good to the last crumb. 

In addition to dough handling and machinability improvements, Starplex provides lubrication needed during the slicing process.


Beyond baking

The power of this emulsifier goes beyond baking! It is a great extrusion aid for breakfast cereal and helps with air incorporation in frozen dairy products. 

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