Mono and diglycerides

Better emulsification in baked products: It’s a piece of cake

BFP is our family of mono and diglycerides that gives baked products improved texture, shelf life, and eating characteristics.

We first launched BFP* in the 1950’s. Today, the portfolio is enabling manufacturers to meet the soaring expectations of consumers for baked products, shortenings, and margarines that look, feel, and taste better – and last longer. 


How do monoglycerides and diglycerides work?

The monoglycerides found in our BFP mono diglycerides improve texture and shelf life by emulsifying fat and preventing starch crystallization. 

Meanwhile the diglycerides deliver the benefit of fats at lower levels - and therefore enable you to reduce total fat while delivering the same eating characteristics of products without emulsifiers. 

*Only available in the Americas

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