Performance that counts

The versatility of plastics and the tremendous range of products they make possible call for polymer additives that are just as versatile. Corbion’s PATIONIC® polymer solutions provide multiple benefits and functionalities, helping to maximize processing efficiencies and making many plastics applications viable. Leading polymer producers, compounders, and concentrate manufacturers have come to count on the time- and cost-saving benefits our polymer additives deliver.

Based on glycerol esters and stearoyl lactylates, our PATIONIC® polymer additives can play many roles, serving as lubricants, dispersants, blocking agents, and acid neutralizers, as well as anti-static, mold release, and anti-fogging agents. Together, these solutions provide a powerful toolbox that helps to develop innovative consumer products. They enable faster, trouble-free processing and offer manufacturers multiple benefits:

  • High-purity, higher-monoglyceride content for distilled products
  • Uniform small-particle distribution, for a more homogenous layer around EPS beads
  • Varying degrees of saturation and format options available
  • Customized support to meet specific requirements


We know plastics

Exploring and applying innovative polymer technology is nothing new to Corbion; we bring more than 30 years’ experience in the plastics industry to our side-by-side collaborations with customers. Our focus in these partnerships is on enabling the creation of on-trend products that help increase market share and create new revenue streams for our customers. The PATIONIC® portfolio of polymer additives delivers exactly what polymer producers need, because it has been shaped by that experience and everything we’ve learned through co-creating with our customers.

One of the most important challenges plastics processors face when manufacturing packaging products is appearance, but thanks to its innovative PATIONIC® range, Corbion has tackled these unique aesthetics issues head on.


How can PATIONIC help?

Corbion’s polymer additive solutions help you overcome some of your most challenging manufacturing problems, offering multifaceted capabilities:

  • Antistat

  • Antifogging agent

  • Blocking agent

  • Lubricant

  • Dispersant

  • Mold release agent

  • Acid and catalyst neutralizer

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