Unique drilling lubricant for improving efficiency in friction downhole

Today, drilling lubricants need to be more advanced than ever to keep up with the demands of the most complex projects.

Encapso™: a unique take on drilling lubrication

Our drilling lubricant, Encapso™, is a unique on-demand lubricant delivery system, which is transforming the way operators fight friction, resulting in superior drilling efficiency and economics.

Plus, it is non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Encapso™ has been tested at several wells throughout the US and has been proven to be more efficient overall than traditional lubrication methods. The results show that it:

  • Reduces friction by over 70%.

  • Increases the rate of penetration (ROP) by up to 50%, compared to standard liquid lubricants.

  • Decreases torque by up to 42%.

  • Cuts drag by up to 50%.

Explore the future of friction control for your next drilling project.

Encapso™ has been specially developed to improve upon traditional drilling lubricant models in water-based muds – all through a unique encapsulated design. It is unlike any other product on the market today, composed of micro-sized cells – smaller than the width of a human hair – that contain pure, custom-engineered lubricating oil.

These cells help to keep the product's high-grade lubricant contained until operational conditions, like friction and shear, release the oil on demand. This is a far more efficient approach than conventional liquid lubricants, which dissipate over time.

Plus, Encapso™ is the only encapsulated drilling lubricant designed to specifically target friction downhole – which is an important step in the evolution of its delivery, enhancing drilling efficiency and economics.


Targeted delivery system: increased efficiency

Using Encapso™'s targeted delivery system enables optimized drilling lubrication exactly at the point of friction. This creates an active engagement of the drilling lubrication system, improving lubricity along the entire drill string and bit. All while reducing waste by recirculating unused product for reuse later.

Find out more about Encapso™ by downloading our brochure.

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Biobased drilling lubricants for increased efficiency

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