Biobased polymer additives: Improving polymers with biobased lactic acids

Our biobased products, based on glycerol ester, lactate, and stearoyl lactylate chemistries, have a wide range of uses to improve the processability of polymers – and the properties of your final product.

Multi-purpose polymer additives – derived from nature

As the mono content in polymer additives varies, and as the double bonds increase or decrease, performance properties are altered.

The chemistry affects solubility, affinity for water, migration in polymers, lubrication properties, volatility, shelf-life, crystallinity, and surfactant requirement – and in Corbion's biobased polymer additives, we've harnessed these properties to meet your exact requirements.

These additives can be used as mold release, dispersant, and antistatic agents, while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

Our PATIONIC® range of biobased polymer additives is trusted as:

  • Antistatic agents.

  • Antifogging agents.

  • Blocking agents.

  • Lubricants.

  • Dispersants.

  • Mold releasers.

  • Neutralizers.

The PATIONIC® portfolio is used by producers to boost performance in polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and engineering thermoplastics industries – as well as, increasingly, compounders, concentrate manufacturers, and other resin producers.


We know plastics

At Corbion, we're well-versed in exploring and applying innovative polymer technology. We have more than 30 years' experience in the plastics industry and apply our knowledge to each of our collaborations with customers. Our range of PATIONIC® polymer additives delivers exactly what producers need – because they've been shaped by our experience and what we've learned through decades of co-creation.

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Polymer additives

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